Bizarre Author Interview – Payback Edition!

Author Lila Vale

As many of you know, my co-author, Kyle, has been doing weekly interviews with fellow authors where he asks them all kinds of odd questions instead of the same ol’ same ol’ interview stuff. I was one of his first victims and I had a blast, but still wanted a bit of payback for some of the nastier questions he asked me. Kyle, being the good sport that he is, agreed to sit down for my own version of his bizarre interviews.

Without further ado, here’s how it went:

Hey Kyle! Thanks for being a good sport and taking it as well as you dish it. I’ll try to do your weird interviews justice. So what do you write? I know this, but for the sake of people new to you and all that.

A bit of everything. Basically anything under the banner of speculative fiction. I just write whatever I’m thinking at…

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Mummy to 2, I love reading and discovering new authors. I will read most genres as long as the story is well thought out and engaging. I am in a few fan/reader groups and love getting to know the author behind the story

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