Bizarre Interviews with Kyle Perkins-Week 8.

Author Kyle Perkins

This week we have Mark McQuillen with us! Let’s get to it.

Question 1: So, who are you and what do you write?
Mark McQuillen Author of The Valkyrie Darkness series and co Author of Queen of Winter.
Epic Fantasy with a little Erotica and Paranormal romance mixed in.
Question 2: So, writing fantasy erotica, is there a high demand for that?
Well yes and no there’s alot of if out there it seems that people focus on the sex. With little or no story. I made the story the first priority. I added the sex scenes later.
Question 3: I’m the same way. A lot of people write plots around the sex, meanwhile I just write stories that could take or leave the sex itself.  I mean, sex happens in real life. To exclude it from a story makes it boring and unrealistic, but also centering a story…

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Bizarre Interviews with Kyle Perkins-Special Reader Edition.

Author Kyle Perkins

Today I thought I’d switch gears for a second. A reader contacted me wondering how I would approach one of these with a reader, and how it might be different. Guess we’ll find out together. Welcome, Maria Weeks!

Question 1: Okay, this is where I usually ask people what they write, so I suppose I should ask you what you read. Well?
Is it too boring to say anything? I like dark stories, something that makes me pull my kindle away and say WTF to myself….but generally I’ll take a poke at anything.
Question 2: You’ll take a poke? I like you already. So, have any favorite characters? Which two characters would you let spit roast you if they were real?
Ooooooo, That’s easy! Keltor from Jennifer Sage’s Guardian Archive series (he wears a kilt, easy access)! And Monte coz I can keep saying his name and shit would…

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Do you want to see attention seeking behavior? Bullying? Betrayal? Then maybe the Indie Book Community is right for you.

Very clever man.
I will always standby my authors but not if that means attacking another. There is more than enough room for all and plenty of readers with different tastes to cater for

Author Kyle Perkins

By Kyle Perkins.

I’m not here to talk about what went down at a recent signing, or the new book that was released to shame an author. I’m here to talk about the cancer invading every aspect of the indie community that seems to be growing by the day. A product of attention-seeking drama posts and narcissistic abuse of friends and fans alike:


Every single day there is some new “cause” or reason to rile up the indie community, and indie authors have learned that by putting some righteous facade at the forefront of their attack on another person, it can gain traction, causing other people with emotional instability to step in and take up arms.

You see, we now live in 2016, better known as the “PC Era,” which is a code phrase for “As long as I think I am justified, I can attack anyone without consequence…

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Writing tips from the biggest procrastinator in the world.

Author Kyle Perkins

By Kyle Perkins.

So, spoiler alert: The world’s biggest procrastinator is me.

I have been the biggest procrastinator for my entire life, and it probably stems from my ADD and underachieving nature, but I have found a way to overcome it… Somewhat. So I am going to compile a list of things that I think could help even the worst procrastinators among you.

1. Set realistic goals.

So, if you’re anything like me, you probably wait until the last moment to do anything. Then once your deadline passes and you’ve accomplished nothing, you try to make up for it by setting a huge goal, even for you. “Okay! I am GOING TO WRITE 10k words tomorrow, no matter what!” and of course some of you can do this no problem, so you might set your goals even higher. Let’s face it, all of us are idealistic and WANT to do…

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Bizarre Interviews with Kyle Perkins-Week 7.

Author Kyle Perkins

Today we have Amy Engle with us! Disclaimer: Amy is a school teacher so I may have to go easy on her. I’m sure we can find a middle ground.

Question 1: So, who are you, and what do you write?
My name is Amy Engle. I write social science fiction.
I also teach 7th grade English to pay the bills.
Question 2: What is “social science fiction,” and how is it different from normal science fiction?

Social science fiction takes place in futuristic societies, but the focus is on people and social issues. Most other science fiction usually focus on technology and the adventure of the hero/heroine.

Question 3: I still laugh at the word “heroine,” I think I’d fit in with your 7th graders. Speaking of which, do you have one that is your favorite?
Haha! I know, I gotta be careful about what I say around them…

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Writing Prompt: Week 9. #specfic

Author Kyle Perkins

Prompt: You’re a writer who has died. When you cross over, you discover that the worlds you created in your mind are actual places. You’ve now found yourself in your own creation for eternity. What happens next? (If you’re an author, use your worlds, or one of them. =) )

WINNER!!! by Janneke Wolbers!!

I am writing this, I don’t even know how i am doing this. Now i know what you are thinking, how can you not know what you are writing? It is pretty easy to explain to you, if you look past my desk you can see my body lying there.
I had a heart attack a few hours ago. No one has found me yet and i have already seen so many weird things.
There is a woman dressed in white saying she is a reaper and i needed to come with her…

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