Bizarre Interviews with Kyle Perkins-Special Reader Edition.

Author Kyle Perkins

Today I thought I’d switch gears for a second. A reader contacted me wondering how I would approach one of these with a reader, and how it might be different. Guess we’ll find out together. Welcome, Maria Weeks!

Question 1: Okay, this is where I usually ask people what they write, so I suppose I should ask you what you read. Well?
Is it too boring to say anything? I like dark stories, something that makes me pull my kindle away and say WTF to myself….but generally I’ll take a poke at anything.
Question 2: You’ll take a poke? I like you already. So, have any favorite characters? Which two characters would you let spit roast you if they were real?
Ooooooo, That’s easy! Keltor from Jennifer Sage’s Guardian Archive series (he wears a kilt, easy access)! And Monte coz I can keep saying his name and shit would…

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Mummy to 2, I love reading and discovering new authors. I will read most genres as long as the story is well thought out and engaging. I am in a few fan/reader groups and love getting to know the author behind the story

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