Bizarre Interviews with Kyle Perkins-Week 15.

The amazing Brianna West being interviewed by the equally amazing Kyle Perkins – Not to be missed!!!

Author Kyle Perkins

by Kyle Perkins.

This week we have the amazing Brianna West with us. She’s a good sport, so let’s get started.

Question 1: So, who are you, and what do you write?

Well, hello there…I’m the sexy and super awesome Brianna West. I write paranormal/fantasy romance that is heavy in action, sexy hunks, feisty heroines, and coupled with enough humor to keep you laughing all the way through!

Question 2: Totally unrelated, but I see that you’re having a baby soon. Congratulations! On an unrelated note… Totally unrelated, I super promise… How do you approach a fellow author/friend about getting them to mail you breast milk? Again, totally unrelated to you. Totally.

Well, depends on how much they are willing to pay me, and if they plan to use it for fetish means…world domination…or just purely as cream in their coffee….would this unrelated person be in this very room, hmm?

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PA’s – Listen up, you might not like this!

Author Virginia Johnson

As you all may have noticed, my PA articles are a hot ticket on this site. I have another one for ya, brace yourself. You may have missed the vaguebooking memo that I posted a few days ago, clearly stating that I was sick and tired of the bullshit lies developed only to bring self-gratification to the liar in the bunch. I helped collaborate on a blog post recently, and I know the message was delivered, but what happened after the blog was the eye opening part.

As a PA, we have responsibilities. With responsibility comes accountability. What does that mean? Well, if you are asking yourself that question, please continue and pay attention – you are the one that I am talking to.

1476755292164Think about this.

There are certain occupations that are plagued with questionable ethics from the get go. For example: car salesman, lawyer, insurance broker, banker…

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